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How To Self-Promote As An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur you need to figure out a way to self-promote your business. So in this video I get into the proper way of self-promoting what you already believe in, whether it’s yourself, your business, your clients, your product, your vendors and anything else.

  • Be Shameless – 8:44
  • Tell Your Victories Through Personal Stories – 10:13
  • You’re Only As Good As Your Last Victory – 11:57
  • Build Up Others – 12:46
  • Make Some Predictions 15:24
  • Name Dropping – 17:29
  • Book Dropping – 19:39
  • Strong Opinions in Your Field of Expertise – 20:33
  • Have Certainty in What You’re Talking About – 22:01
  • What to Do if You Don’t Yet Have Any Victories – 22:47
  • Do’s and Don’ts – 24:27
Entrepreneur Valuetainment

14 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Entrepreneurs

14 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Entrepreneurs.

About Valuetainment: This channel is about providing a hybrid of information and education for entrepreneurs. Every video is created with a purpose of providing value and entertainment, hence Valuetainment. Patrick Bet-David, the creator of this channel has decades of experience, unique perspectives and experience that he wants to give back to the world of entrepreneurs. Why? Patrick Believes that 100 percent of the worlds problems can be solved by entrepreneurs. He is also an active CEO and leads a financial services sales force of over 3,000 agents across the U.S.

Entrepreneur Valuetainment

Why Your Great Idea Sucks!

Do you know how many times I hear a message like, “Pat! I’ve got a billion dollar idea! We’re going to be the next billion dollar company!” In this video I get into why your great idea sucks, and why you should stop focusing on great ideas.

  • Zuckerberg and Parker vs. The Winklevoss Brothers – 2:35
  • Steve Wozniak vs. Steve Jobs – 3:52
  • The McDonald Brothers vs. Ray Kroc – 4:32
  • Who is Nick Swinmurn? – 5:50
  • Martin Eberhard vs. Elon Musk – 6:29
  • If You Want to Make a Lot of Money. . . 7:17
  • I Couldn’t Sell Anything to Anybody – 7:51
  • Focus on Mastering Selling – 10:02
Entrepreneur Valuetainment

How to Improve Your Sales Process and Increase Business

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just an independent contractor, you’re a salesperson. So when somebody says, “I’m not a salesperson, I’m an entrepreneur,” they don’t really understand the meaning of an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur is a salesperson. So today I want you to look at this from the perspective of asking yourself where in the selling process you mess up and how to fix it. For example if you look in the SocialBoosting services you can improve the views of your content and get more sales for your business.

  • #1: Prospecting – 1:56  
  • #2: Approach and Contact – 6:40  
  • #3: Presentation – 8:53  
  • #4: Follow Up – 11:36  
  • #5: Referrals — 15:05
  • #6: Maintain Customer Relationships – 17:26