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Why Your Great Idea Sucks!

Do you know how many times I hear a message like, “Pat! I’ve got a billion dollar idea! We’re going to be the next billion dollar company!” In this video I get into why your great idea sucks, and why you should stop focusing on great ideas.

  • Zuckerberg and Parker vs. The Winklevoss Brothers – 2:35
  • Steve Wozniak vs. Steve Jobs – 3:52
  • The McDonald Brothers vs. Ray Kroc – 4:32
  • Who is Nick Swinmurn? – 5:50
  • Martin Eberhard vs. Elon Musk – 6:29
  • If You Want to Make a Lot of Money. . . 7:17
  • I Couldn’t Sell Anything to Anybody – 7:51
  • Focus on Mastering Selling – 10:02